Tech Should Solve Tax Problems

There’s a good chance that like millions of Americans, you’re currently procrastinating on filing your taxes despite the fact Tax Day is less than 48 hours away. That makes sense. After all, technology gave us e-filing, thereby enabling all of our worst impulses to leave this very important legal obligation to the absolute last second. Except these days, that’s all tech has given us when it comes to simplifying the whole tax process. The rest of it—deciphering tax laws, calculating deductions, etc.—is still a source of stress, anxiety, and lots of anguished hair pulling. The worst part is, it definitely doesn’t have to be this way. What you may not have known is the IRS could potentially create a free, online filing system that requires you to do exactly nothing each year because the government would prepare your taxes for you. Those annoying W-2 forms your company mails you? They’re also obligated to send a copy to the IRS. Same goes for investment tax forms, 1099s, and all that other official paperwork. Basically, the IRS could potentially use the miracle of technology to pre-fill out your taxes, send them to you online, and you’d have the option to just go with it or file your own adjustments.